Santa Ana Project


I’m not an easy guy to work for.

Edward and his team were on time, told me what they were going to do and when they hoped to have it done, and met those timelines.  His guys are pros, and you can tell that they know exactly what they are doing.

Angels pools came in and removed a LOT of old cracking concrete (I’m guessing about 1000 sq ft).  They removed our nasty, old pool, and our aging deck.  They then put in a new pool, replaced all of the old concrete with pavers, and built a new outdoor living space in place of the deck.  Fire pit, wet bar, lots of cupboard storage, wired everything for speakers, flat screen, power outlets, ceiling fans, lights. Ran gas lines for fire pit and bar-b-q.

It took a few months as it was a major overhaul to the back yard, but the finished product it awesome.

With a project this size, there are always going to be minor issues.  Jose (the owner) was very quick to address anything that came up to my satisfaction.

My only minor complaints are that I wish I would have been prepared for the chaos that would be my backyard during the project so I could have put away and protected some of our outdoor furniture from the dirty, dusty, project.

The outdoor living area they put in is awesome.  Our family treats it as our new living room.

I would recommend Edward and his team to anyone.

Review by: Phillip Westermann-Lake Forest-3/2016

Member: Phillip Westermann
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Categories: Concrete – Pouring & Repair
Decks & Porches
Pool & Spa Service and Repair
Pool Sales Construction & Installation
Remodeling – General
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: March 11, 2016
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $25,000.00
Description Of Work: We are extremely pleased with the quality of work and craftsmanship of all of Angel’s Pools Inc. employees. They were always curious, punctual, and very hard working. I appreciated the pool consultants recommendations and prompt response to our questions. I am so glad we considered the positive reviews that Angel’s Pools Inc. had received on Angie’s List in our decision. They were not the least expensive, but definitely worth the price. | |Pool Remodel with all new equipment (filter, pump, and heater): | |-Removed all existing tile and plaster down to the gunite |-Remodeled the spa with a waterfall effect spillway into the pool |-Replaced plaster with Hydrazzo Classico ( beautifully hand polished) |-New tile |-New drains and return nozzles in pool and spa |-Cutout concrete around skimmer and installed new skimmer. |-New concrete slab and heavy-duty equipment pads for new equipment. |-New LED lights in pool and spa |-New diving board |-installed new deck O’ seal all around pool and spa | | | |
Share on Band of Neighbors: No

Michael Battaglia-Laguna Niguel

Member: Michael Battaglia
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Categories: Concrete – Pouring & Repair
Decks & Porches
Pool & Spa Service and Repair
Remodeling – General
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: February 22, 2016
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $75,000.00
Description Of Work: Complete backyard renovation including swimming pool remodel, new plumbing, new electrical, new drain lines, new barbecue island, new gas line, all new decking and facing materials.
Member Comments: First off, we have used various contractors over the years for both major and minor home remodeling projects. Angels Pools was, by far, the best company we have ever worked with. Edward, Jose and the entire crew were professional, polite, respectful, hardworking, on budget and on time. Almost too good to be true.
By way of background, our swimming pool developed a significant crack and was out of level. The decking around the pool was cracked and lifting and the drain lines were clogged and non-functional. We narrowed our choice of contractors to two reputable companies. We selected Angles based on the many reviews that we read on Angie’s List and Home Advisor. As indicated, we wound up doing a full remodel of the backyard. Included in this was stripping the plaster from the pool and replacing with a new pebble finish, installing three new LED pool lights, fixing the crack, installing new plumbing and electrical, etc., etc. They also ran a new gas line to a newly built barbecue island and replaced all drain lines. They poured nearly 2,000 square feet (I think) of new concrete decking which is proportioned and sloped perfectly.
Jose’s crew showed up on time every morning, worked hard throughout each day, and cleaned up thoroughly at days end. They were friendly and went out of their way to ensure that we were happy with the work. In short (and obviously) I would highly recommend them.

Suzanne Prowell-Cypress-2016

If you are looking for a top notched company than Angel’s is the one to call. We joined Angie’s list and the first company I went looking for was someone who could repair our existing pool. Angel’s Pool, Inc. popped up. I first looked up to make sure their Contractors License and Workers Compensation Insurance were current and up to date, which it was. So many companies post that information, but when checking it is not current. We made the call and set up an appointment. We were so impressed with Edward who showed up on time, with sample books in hand. We talked about what really needed to be done, gave us some terrific suggestions and began to measure the pool area. Because our pool was 35 years old you can imagine the amount of work that needed to be done. Our cantilever deck was cracking, plaster chipping, the heater didn’t work, the filter was too small for the size pool we had, etc. etc. etc. Within, what seemed to be hours, we received a 6 page written proposal. Talk about professionalism! We decided to not even look into contacting another company. We called Edward back to say okay. He met us the next day to sign the contract and we gave him a deposit. He informed us that on Thursday of the following week the existing pool and spa would be emptied and demolition would begin on the following morning. And it was. Everyone showed up by 7:00 a.m. and began the transformation of our pool and spa. In 9 days we went from a run down, falling apart swimming pool and spa to a beautiful swimming pool and spa that we can be proud of and we have the pictures and video to prove it and we would be happy to share them with anyone who wants to contact us.

Each man who worked on our pool was a professional. The gentleman who did the brick coping was a perfectionist. He has worked with Jose Angel Cruz for 20 plus years. In fact, I understand that most of the people that work for Angel’s have been associated with them for some time. He has a great crew.

The men showed up on time, began working on time and continued to work the entire day until it was time to go home. The back yard continued to be functional because they cleaned up each day and put their tools away until the next day when work would be begin again. Every man who worked in our backyard was pleasant and helpful if we had any questions.

My husband and I owned a manufacturing business for more than 40 years and we know the importance of providing a good product and what true customer service is and should be and Angel’s Pools has it. You won’t be disappointed. They know what they are doing from beginning to end. We would recommend them without hesitation.

Reviewed by: David Nicholes

Project: Pool Remodel    Date:  September 2015

I could not recommend them high enough. They were all very professional from the original very realistic and practical quote from Eduardo Plascencia, to Jose Cruz who was constantly on top of the project communicating on the phone and in person with his employees to Julie in the office handling a variety of things behind the scene and on the phone with us. They were all very nice and gracious people to work with and all took ownership of our particular project.
The demolition, the three major modifications of construction to the final coping, tile and Hydrazo installation on the pool and spa sides and floor never stopped. I felt like Jose Cruz’s supervision was always taking consideration of my position as the customer in keeping it flowing smoothly and efficiently. Jose was always available quickly by text or a phone call. I never asked him a question that he did not have an immediate logical answer for that obviously was drawn from his years of experience in the pool business. Every employee at one time or another mentioned to me that their highest goal was always that the customer would be happy and satisfied with the progress and the final completion. I will happily verify that they all consistently lived that motto in their daily actions.
Every day, the site in our back yard was swept clean and all the materials and tools were stacked and stored neatly. It always looked so organized. There were never any food containers, plastic bags, drinks or half filled coffee cups or odds and ends of trash floating around the construction sight. Anything that would be a potential hazard for us as owners walking around in the evening hours was red taped and made very visible to be avoided.
The employees were very polite, friendly and professional regardless of their position on the job site. Any time there was a surprise in the project, I was immediately called and consulted as to my choices.
We especially appreciated their flexibility to add a feature, adjust a dimension or change an option right in the middle of the process. It was always appreciably accepted and never considered an inconvenience.
There were a couple of small start up items that did not work as planned after it was put back in service and with a text to Jose, a technician was there in the morning and fixed it immediately. For all they did, we were amazed at how efficiently the job ran, what an absolutely beautiful end product we have to enjoy with our family and friends and what a satisfying view we experience every time we look out our family room and kitchen windows.
Their pricing was very competitive and the extras we added were very fair in cost.
I would absolutely use them again and would not hesitate to recommend them to my best of friends.
David N.
Review by Joe D. in Fountain Valley, CA
Project: Remodel a Swimming Pool    Date:  09/09/2015

The people at Angel’s Pools were very professional and exceeded my expectations. They handled all the big stuff and did all the little stuff without even asking. I am extremely happy and would hire them all over again. They did all of the work in the time frame we agreed on. It was an awesome experience.!! Their attention to detail was something that made me very comfortable. I never worried about anything because Angel’s Pools was always on top of things. Great job to all the people of Angel’s Pools.
Review by Jean H. in Laguna Niguel, CA
Project: Remodel a Swimming Pool
We interviewed 3 companies, two of them were referred by HomeAdvisor and very close in their bids. The 3rd company was double their price! These guys did a great job, it was one of the hottest days of the year and they worked in the scorching sun until the job was completed. Excellent workmanship and follow-thru to ensure our spa sparkles like new! Will definitely recommend them.